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Diet and Nutrition

Dietitians, Nutritionist and Nutrition Educators

Kubi Medical is thrilled to have experienced dietitians and nutrition educators on the team. They’ve worked with and supported countless patients. Our Diet and Nutrition Team is happy to help you on your journey to achieve your weight management goals.

Stress Reduction Team

Mental Health Counselors

Our team of Mental Health Counselors is committed to providing the care you and your loved ones deserve. With exceptional expertise and true compassion, our patients always feel comfortable working with them. Our Mental Health Counselors are excited to support you on your journey to achieving your weight management goals.

Primary Care

Clinical Team

Kubi Medical attracts clinicians with many years of experience in several health institutions across the country. Our clinicians understand the importance of quality care and are ready to help.

Dance and Fitness

Dance and Fitness Coaches

Kubi Medical is thrilled to have experienced fitness coaches to get you moving. Our dance coaches design our dance sessions with you in mind. Our Dance and Fitness Team is happy to help you exercise while having fun to help you achieve your weight management goals.

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