3 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Doctor Should Check Your Thyroid Level

“Can I get a large caramel mocha with two shots of espresso?” she asked in her ever so subtle voice as she pulled her hoodie over her head on a sunny mid-summer day, ordering her 4th cup of coffee in as many hours. “Why am always tired?” she wondered. “Is it from all the bleeding multiple times every month? Or maybe my weight gain took all my energy away.”

Cold intolerance, tiredness, menstrual irregularities and weight gain.

1. Prevalence: Thyroid Problems Are Very Common

Low thyroid levels affect up to 1 in every 10 adults in the United States if we include those with “silent” hypothyroidism.

This means that we may know one or two people in our close circles with low thyroid levels. It’s no surprise that weight gain has become so commonplace now. The rise in obesity rates is testament to this.

1 in every 10 people is an extremely high prevalence rate. This makes it ever so important to have high quality medical care for the seemingly overweight friend who just can’t lose weight, try as they may. The many non-medical weight loss strategies hover on the borderline of risky behavior. It’s not uncommon for people to turn to the latest trending weight loss pill. Studies have shown that many weight loss pills have dangerous side effects, including death.

2. Short Cuts Are Dangerous.

Individuals with low thyroid levels who experience weight gain need a medically supervised weight loss program. This should include treatment of the underlying disease by a medical doctor in combination with lifestyle changes including a personalized diet and nutrition program such as that offered by Kubi Medical in Los Angeles. Kubi Medical recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week. A good fitness plan such as that offered by Kubi Medical should be incorporated into the treatment strategy for weight loss.

The name of the game is sustainability. Slow and long term. Quick fixes in weight loss should be avoided. Weight loss requires commitment and consistency over time. Proper weight loss should attempt slow weight over a long time. Kubi Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Los Angeles, for instance, recommends losing one to two pounds a week and 7% body weight over 6 months.

People with low thyroid attempting to lose weight are no different. Both clinician and patient should be committed over the long haul. A concerted approach including treatment of the underlying thyroid disease should, personalized diet plan, supervised fitness regimen and a good stress reduction program should be used.

3. Ease Of Access To Medical Care

Now, more than ever, it has become ever so easy to receive medical care. Telemedicine solves the problem of accessibility. We can attend a doctor’s appointment from the comfort of our living room couch. Big cities such as Los Angeles are inundated with unending traffic jams. Telemedicine eliminates the need to drive long distances to wait in long lines just to see a physician. A variety of medical practices such as Kubi Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Los Angeles offer full Telemedicine packages.

On the other side of the spectrum is high thyroid levels. A life-threatening complication is a thyroid storm. This requires prompt treatment to save life. Hyperthyroidism also requires good medical management.

Even as the world around us degenerates into chaos over the next trending weight loss drug, we will stick to the safe long-term approach. The eye of the storm!

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